Special lift ticket plans

Special lift ticket plans

Family Discount Lift Package

- 20% off 1-Day Pass -

For example, for one adult and two elementary school students the normal price of 7,300 yen is discounted to 5,900 yen for a 1,400 yen savings! Of course groups of seniors and children, or three generations are also ok!

* When there is at least one elementary/junior high school student with the family buying tickets.

Weekday Lunch + 5-Hour Pass Package

Get lunch (800 yen) and a 5-Hour Pass (save up to 400 yen!)

5-Hour Pass (adult) + Lunch coupon (800 yen) for 2,600 yen (3,000 yen normally)
5-Hour Pass (senior) + Lunch coupon for 2,300 yen (2,600 yen normally)
5-Hour Pass (child) + Lunch coupon for 2,000 yen (2,200 yen normally)

* Lunch tickets can be exchanged for one menu item worth up to 800 yen. (No change is given for cheaper items. Lunch tickets can be used toward items over 800 yen if the customer pays the difference.)
* Only on weekdays (Mon-Fri) except for 12/29-1/2.

CV (convenience) Plan

1-Day Pass + Lunch + Hot Springs for less! (save up to 920 yen!)

1-Day Pass (adult) + Lunch coupon (800 yen) + Hot Springs entry (620) for 3,600 yen (4,520 yen normally)

■Seven-Eleven: Seven Ticket, JTB Ticket ■Lawson: Lawson Ticket, JTB Ticket
■Circle K Sunkus, Family Mart: JTB Ticekt ■Mini Stop: Lawson Ticket, JTB Ticket

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